Big Aperture 1.1.1 для Mac OS

Big Aperture 1.1.1 [Mac OS]

Big Aperture дает изображению DSLR-Level Depth Of Field effect и другие визуальные эффекты которые раньше обычно создавались только при помощи высокочувствительных камер.

Программа раскроет Ваш творческий талант, при использовании инструментов для создания великолепных изображений с сочетанием невероятной четкости и мягкого фокуса, а также удивительной пост-обработке FX эффектов.

Intelligent Focus System
Big Aperture Intelligent Focus System allows you roughly define your focus area and then intelligently selects the focus area your desire precisely with one click

Adjustable Brush
Brush diameter, softness and opacity can be adjusted

Aperture Size Control
Varied aperture sizes are provided in the app and allow you define the blur level of the out-of-focus areas.

Bokeh effects
Big Aperture also offers 16 unique Bokeh effects that aesthetically exaggerate the effect of the lights shinning in the out-of-focus area, into shapes like stars and hearts. This great feature transforms the overall look and feel of a fairly image into one to amaze your friends and family. Further options include an airy effect, inducing the dreamy effects to wedding photographs, thematic support for objects and beautiful imagery of scattered lights in the background of focused subjects.

Filter Effects
Over 40 well defined Effects in various categories, including Lomo, Analog, Black and White, Classic Style, as well as 20 different styles of borders combined with DSLR depth-of-field effect give full play to your creativity and imagination

Instant Focus/Blur Tool
Basic mode provide you customized settings for portraits, natural scenes, architecture and macro photography and you can instantly define your focus and blur area in real time.

Editing tools
Big Aperture gives some of the most powerful and easy to use photography editing tools – brightness controls, contrast control, saturation control, rotation, etc.

Before & After Comparison functionality
Fast switching between before & after view in your processing stage allows you get the exactly results your are looking for.

File support
Big aperture supports image resolution up to 40 mega-pixels, in numerous image formats including: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and over 100 RAW file formats

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