Photo to Movie (Mac OS)

Photo to Movie – программа, предназначенная для создания при помощи функциональных возможностей проигрывателя QuickTime видеофрагментов, представляющих собой поочередный показ заранее преобразованных цифровых фотографий пользователя. Ее особенность заключается в богатом наборе эффектов, используемых для перехода от одного изображения к другому. Также была реализована возможность интеграции в создаваемый ролик музыкальных композиций и голосовых комментариев. Посредством утилиты, созданная видеопрезентация фотоальбома может быть записана на DVD, опубликована в сети Интернет или отправлена по электронной почте.

If you’ve taken hundreds or even thousands of photos and you want to show those photos to your friends and family without spending endless hours preparing, then Photo to Movie might be the most important program on your computer. After years of working with other slide show applications, we decided to make an easy to use application that would produce slide shows we could be proud of. We were tired of the limitations and low quality of the others. We wanted an application that had no limits, added high quality motion to our slide shows, and allowed us to add titles and music directly within the software. We wanted to be able to edit the exact timing, and we wanted to produce HD slide shows that would play on our HDTVs without annoying flickering or flashing. Produce smooth, high quality HD video slide shows NOW!

We set out to make slide show software that would produce the absolute highest quality HD video possible.
Photo to Movie includes advanced features such as adaptive blurring and temporal motion blur that are suitable for studio and broadcast use. However it also brings these advanced features to the home user for every day use.
If you have ever had a problem with flickering, flashing, or aliasing with other applications, those days are gone. Photo to Movie does frame by frame processing to remove unwanted artifacts, resulting in the smoothest video possible.
These powerful features have made Photo to Movie a regular tool in the production of commericals appearing on broadcast television in major markets in addition to documentaries appearing on PBS and other broadcast channels.
Make your first slide show with music in minutes.
Photo to Movie is so easy. Just drag and drop your photos, add music and titles, and render your slide show to a video file. Nothing could be easier. You can literally produce your first slide show in minutes.
We have a wide range of users from elementary school kids, to high school story tellers, to families making slide shows, to grandparents creating memories of their grandkids. Photo to Movie takes the hassle out of making high quality slide shows.

* Elementary school kids enjoy the ease of use
* High school story tellers make use of the precise timing and motion editing
* Families making keepsake slide shows use music and titles to great effect
* Grandparents creating memories are happy with the high quality videos produced

Photo to Movie produces video suitable for burning to DVD, uploading to the web or YouTube, or being played on a computer.

We’re always talking to customers and we’re always amazed at the fantastic slide shows our customers are building. Some of the most common uses of Photo to Movie include:
* Weddings. Wedding photographers enjoy the smooth, high quality motion effects.
* Grandkids. Moving from face to face to face in a family photo is something only Photo to Movie does easily.
* Sporting events. Motion effects and transitions bring baseball and soccer games alive again.
* Real estate. What better way to show off a great house for sale than a custom slide show?
* Memorials and tributes. Mixing music and titles into the slide show brings out strong emotions for the audience.
* Family keepsakes. Watching a slide show after a few years can really recapture those memories.
* Storytelling. The precise control of timing, motion, transitions, titles, and music make storytelling a breeze.

Unlimited photos, titles, music, and graphics
Photo to Movie combines the photos, titles, graphics, and music all into the same timeline based editor. You can include an unlimited number of photos and Photo to Movie works with almost any image formating including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Want to keep your audience engaged? Try one of the 25+ transition effects between photos and or four different title effects.

Photo to Movie embodies years of expertise of slide show and image processing. Some additional features include:

* Separate editing tracks for photos, titles, music
* Motion effects with precise timing and positioning controls
* Easy to use motion effects to move from face to face in a family photo
* Simple techniques to label photos and also add opening/closing credits
* Runs on Mac OS or Windows; localized to French, Italian, German, Japanese, and more.

Год выпуска: 2011
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