GrowlVoice 2.0.3

GrowlVoice - небольшое, но стильное приложение, которое связывает Вас и Ваш аккаунт в Google Voice™.
Приложение незамето, встраивается в менюбар, и как только Вы получите сообщение в Google Voice™, GrowlVoice немедленно Вас известит о этом, даст пообщатся, не отрываясь от основной работы.

GrowlVoice puts Google Voice in your menu bar.
  • Compose texts and place calls in seconds
  • Quickly read and reply to new text messages
  • Listen to new voicemails and read their transcripts
  • Return new missed calls immediately from your menubar
  • Notifies you instantly of new messages, unlike other Google Voice apps that can take minutes

[ What's New ]
Version 2.0.3:

  • Added a short welcome process to easily add an account on first launch
  • Small visual interface updates
  • Various Snow Leopard bugfixes
  • Small visual updates to the GrowlVoice icon
  • Pressing a global shortcut with the corresponding GrowlVoice window already open now properly dismisses it
  • Fixed a bug caused by automatic text replacement that could cause strange characters to show up in received messages
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the GrowlVoice preferences window to open when clicking a Growl notification
  • Fixed a bug that caused a jarring "pop-in" of the GrowlVoice preferences window
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to start in the compose text message field instead of the number field
  • Various small crash fixes
  • Text messages can be populated via the GrowlVoice URL scheme with the new message argument

Версия: 2.0.3
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