Elasty 2.0.2

Elasty 2.0.2

Elasty - панель инструментов для того, чтобы настроить фильмы на Mac OS X со многими расширенными функциями. Можете импортировать различные форматы фильма из любого источника, включая прямой доступ к iPhoto и носителям iMovie. Можете также использовать iSight непосредственно, из Elasty, чтобы импортировать изображение или анимацию.

Key Features
  • Movie Adjustments: Crop, rotate and flip the movie like you usually do with still images.
  • Movie Stabilization: Easily remove distracting vibrations resulting from camera shake with the automatic or manual stabilization modes.
  • Motion Tracking for following the motion of one or several objects.
  • Special Effects Library: 11 effects available (i.e. Blur, Color, Distortion, Particles...) with many variants. Use up to 34 effects to customize your movies. You can even import your own Quartz Composer effects.
  • Retiming: Fast motion and slow motion will help you place emphasis in the movie, while preserving the sound pitch and naturalness.

Many Output Options
  • QuickTime movies, enabling further compositing in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.
  • Separate Rendering for Sound and Image.
  • Entire or Partial Movie Rendering.

Imagine 1001 ways to customize movies using Elasty:
  • Stabilize a movie so that you can watch it in a more convenient way
  • Rotate a movie which was recorded in portrait mode when it should have been in landscape mode
  • Add an African mask, hippie glasses or bad boys tattoos on your brother's face
  • Make your sister look like an alien
  • Add a movie of yourself next to your favorite actor
  • Define a blur zone that will follow somebody's eyes
  • Emit particles from moving objects
  • Add beating hearts around your best friends at their wedding
  • Change the speed of some parts to emphasize the importance of what's happening...

ОС: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Язык интерфейса: английский

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