VOX JamVOX 3.0.2 для Mac OSX

VOX JamVOX 3.0.2 [Mac OSX]

JamVOX 3 - третья версия плагина по моделированию гитарного звучания от компании VOX, разработанная инженерами близко знакомыми со звуком VOX, несет в себе точно воссозданные модели легендарных усилителей, включая AC30. Улучшенная технология моделирования аналоговых устройств используется для того, чтобы предоставить вам 88 потрясающих моделей известных гитарных усилителей, кабинетов и эффектов в формате STANDALONE и VST плагина с поддержкой 64-битных операционных систем.

JamVOX III v3.00 Release Notes
GXT III Enhanced Guitar XTraktion
The Guitar XTracktion feature has been dramatically improved, making it even easier to cancel or isolate a particular track or instrument. This highly-evolved GXT III engine can extensively analyze songs that until now were difficult to work with. The engine has been tuned to obtain a more natural tonal character, and now you can use the JamVOX-Online site to search and download GXT III settings shared by other JamVOX users for a specific song.

Performance Interface
The updated user interface is based on an analysis of the workflow involved in learning songs by ear, practicing, and jam sessions. Also new is the large and easy-to-use full-screen mode, transforming your computer into your own personalized performance studio. The music player shows the waveform of the song, providing a clear, visual indication of the song's development and structure. You can zoom in on the playback position to practice that amazing solo, or set up the repeated playback of the bridge or chorus that you're practicing. JamVOX III provides the performance environment that every guitarist dreams about.

Movie Recording Feature
Using your computer's webcam, the new movie recording feature lets you capture video of your own guitar playing. You can review your own performance with the aim of improving your skills, or upload your performance to a video-sharing site so that guitarists around the world can watch it. The song will start playing automatically when you press the record button for the movie; there's no need to press a separate record button and song playback button. This movie function is designed specifically to aid guitarists in recording their own playing.

Системные требования
  • Mac OS X
  • CPU: Intel Core processor
  • RAM: 1GB or larger
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Plug‐In: Audio Units or VST 32/64‐bit Plug‐In compatible
  • Hardware: JamVOX monitor or CoreAudio compliant audio interface

Разработчик: VOX
Язык интерфейса: английский
Таблетка: Программа пролечена (не требует введения данных/вводим любые данные)

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