iExplorer, который раньше носил название iPhone Explorer, это разработанное компанией Macroplant приложение для Mac, позволяющее использовать ваш iPhone, iPod touch или iPad в качестве USB-накопителя. Это своего рода файловый менеджер, который помимо Mac можно установить и на PC. После установки вы откроете для себя, что ваше i-устройство чувствует себя вполне неплохо.

iExplorer lets you easily transfer music, movies and playlists from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer and iTunes. With its gorgeous user interface, you can view and save your photos, SMS, voicemail, address book contacts and even call histories. iExplorer can also seamlessly mount your iPhone or iPad like a flash drive in Mac's Finder or Windows Explorer.

Intelligently Transfer Music
With iExplorer, getting music and other media from an iPhone, iPod or iPad to your Mac or PC couldn't be any easier. You can search for particular tracks, listen to them directly from your device and even drag and drop them to your computer. With the touch of a button you can copy those songs and even rebuild playlists directly from your device into iTunes.

Что нового:
  • Fixes a crash for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard users when closing the main iExplorer window.
  • Sep 05, 2012 - iExplorer (Mac) - 3.1 - Retina and iOS 6 ready!
  • iExplorer for Mac, version 3.1 has just been released. We've updated our graphics to take advantage of Apple's new Retina displays. We've also included support for iOS 6 databases and backups. Once that's released, iExplorer will already be good to go. We've also made performance, stability, and user-friendly improvements across the board, so be sure to grab the update!

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