WriteKit 1.0 - текстовый редактор для Mac

WriteKit 1.0 - текстовый редактор для Mac

WriteKit является наиболее быстрым и простым текстовым редактором доступным для Mac. Это красивый и эффективный текстовой редактор для Mac.

Clean and uncluttered
Writing involves a lot of focus and it helps a lot if the writing interface is clean and uncluttered which WriteKit seamlessly provides.

Quick open and edit
You can open any text file in WriteKit and instantly start editing or adding to it. Just double click on the text files after configuring the app as the default opening program.

Formatting Options
WriteKit provides basic formatting options like bold, italic and underline along with centre, right, left and justified alignments.

Full Screen - Focus Mode
WriteKit seamlessly switches to full screen mode which provides a super productive ambience for users to focus on the writing.

Words and Char Count
WriteKit app provides a very useful and realtime words and char count feature to understand writing speed or adhere to article submission conditions.

Save, Print or Share
WriteKit also provides the ability to quickly save the documents. You can also print or share the documents via email.

Themes - ComingSoon!
Three Awesome Themes is coming soon.You can choose between themes, default is white, you can choose grey or black.

Cloud Sync - Coming Soon !
Sync you Notes across iPhone, iPad and Multiple Macs using the power of Cloud Sync. Notes in Sync Anywhere Anytime on the Move.

Разработчик: MacAppStudio
Системные требования: OS X 10.9 or later Intel, 64-bit processor
Язык интерфейса: только английский

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