DEVONagent Pro 3.9.6

DEVONagent Pro 3.9.6

DEVONagent Pro - первый интелектуальный поисковик, поможет вам более эффективно искать в Интернете по нескольким источникам.

DEVONagent подключается сразу к многим поисковым системам и собирает данные, отсеивает мусор, и т.д. Он также сканирует ваши любимые веб-сайты и уведомляет вас, когда он находит то, что соответствует вашему запросу. Он даже может сделать все это, пока вы спите, и очень быстро. Результаты будут готовы, прежде чем налита ваша первая чашка кофе.

Оснащен собственным браузером, сохраняет результаты поиска (можно в PDF), отчеты, гибко настраивается. DEVONagent Pro это революция в поисковой системе!

Что нового
This maintenance release adds new plugins for the privacy-focused search engine StartPage as well as for searching PDFs with Google. Version 3.9.6 improves sending results to DEVONthink, revises searching in the built-in archive, and adds usability and security enhancements. It also better handles dates and refines support for Google Chrome bookmarks.
NOTE: Starting with this release DEVONagent Pro requires OS X Mavericks or later.

  • Google (PDF) and StartPage plugins added. Tip: Use CoverFlow to scan all found PDF documents easily.
  • Browsers > DEVONthink databases plugin added; scans all web sites bookmarked in the currently opened DEVONthink databases.
  • Contextual menu added to tabs.
  • Option Window > Search Sets > Actions > Destination added for choosing a destination group (requires DEVONthink 2.9.11 or later running concurrently).
  • Options Formatted Note and Markdown added to Data > Add to DEVONthink and to contextual and action menus of search, browser and archive windows (the Markdown option requires the upcoming DEVONthink 2.9.12).
  • Improved
  • Plugins updated: DuckDuckGo, Computer Science > ACM Digital Library, Medical > PubMed, References > SEC, Science > IEEE Xplore, Social Networking > Twitter.
  • Plugin Browsers > DEVONthink Pro Office renamed to DEVONthink server.
  • Plugins updated (available via Support Assistant): Stack Overflow (Tags), Similar Artists Search.
  • Searching in results and in the archive revised; the All options find any entered word in any part of the metadata. This is closer to matching of web pages while crawling and to the behaviour of Spotlight.
  • See Also and bookmarks support also DEVONthink Personal.
  • Revised View toolbar item of Search windows makes it easier to switch views.
  • Web views support zooming via gestures.
  • Plugin menus use localized names if available.
  • Tabs bars use standard icons for Close and Add buttons.
  • Better naming of groups automatically created after adding browser pages to the archive.
  • Automatically generated or proposed filenames avoid characters not supported on Windows.
  • File results to DEVONthink script updated.
  • AppleScript support.
  • Plugin API extended with new, optional 'FileTypes' key.
  • Retrieving of dates improved if neither the metadata nor the server returned a date for a result.
  • Date of search results doesn't abbreviate the year anymore.
  • Date parser improved.
  • Credentials of URLs are no longer displayed or included in exported data anymore; the Sites tab of the Search Sets panel displays the credentials only while editing the URL.
  • Better PDF support on macOS Sierra.
  • Better support for Google Chrome bookmarks.
  • Help > Report Bug provides more information.
  • Icon and image caching optimized; speeds up, e.g., drawing tabs bars.
  • Matching of query terms optimized.
  • German localization updated.
  • Better check for updates.
  • Better console logging.
  • Better overall reliability and performance.

  • Crash related to the browser address bar when bookmarks of other browsers are used.
  • Issue where DEVONagent Pro logged some harmless console messages on macOS Sierra.
  • Issue where plugins outside of Application Support folder but not inside application package couldn't be edited.
  • Issue where searches in results or in the archive using proximity operators with wildcards returned inaccurate results.
  • Issue where the contextual menu of archive windows didn't include all Add to DEVONthink options.
  • Issue where the preview popup of inactive tabs containing online PDF documents didn't work on latest macOS releases.
  • Issue where the sorting of archive views wasn't persistent.
  • Issue where trying to drag tabs could close them or create new ones.
  • Issues related to moving DEVONagent Pro to the Applications folder, especially on macOS Sierra.

  • Obsolete plugins: Blekko, Google Scholar (Legal Opinions & Journals).
  • Obsolete plugins from support assistant: CocoaDev,, Topsy Twitter Link Trackback Search.

Снимки экрана

Внимание! У Вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.
  • Версия: DEVONagent Pro 3.9.6
  • Разработчик: DEVONsphere™
  • Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.9 или более поздняя версия
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский, немецкий, французский.
  • Размер: 24.13 MB
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