Carousel 1.5

Carousel 1.5

Если кто знаком с приложением для iPhone под названием Instagram, с большим удовольствием оценят "десктопный-клиент" Carousel. С помощью этой приложения можно просматривать, "лайкать", комментировать и добавлять новые подписки, следить за новостями своего профиля.

Carousel is a simple, beautiful way to explore Instagram on your Mac in a minimal footprint. View your feed, popular photos, your photos, comment, like, save photos and much, much more. We've also implemented a full set of keyboard commands to make operation flawless and four wonderful themes to personalize Carousel to your liking.

Main features
• Beautiful, vintage presentation aesthetic in a minimal desktop footprint.
• View your feed, popular photos and photos you’ve posted.
• Save photos to your Mac (drag & drop, too.)
• Search for people and tags.
• Pin your favorite tags, locations and people to the search tab so you can keep an eye on them.
• See all the photos that you've liked.
• View full resolution photos, even in full screen.
• See likes and comments on photos with the ability to moderate comments.
• Like and comment on photos.
• Full keyboard navigation support.
• Open photos in your browser and copy a photo’s URL.
• See who you follow and who’s following you.
• See photos taken at a location.
• Notifications. Growl and icon badge.
• Four themes. Everything from Tenenbaum to St. Clair.

Что нового в версии 1.5:
  • Поддержка видео-пост!
  • Новые локализации: китайский!
  • Исправлены ошибки

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