xTwin 2.0.6 для Mac - резервное копирование ваших файлов

xTwin 2.0.6 для Mac - резервное копирование ваших файлов

xTwin (ранее известная как Twin) – приложение, как и Time Machine позволяет производить регулярное резервное копирование ваших файлов. Главное отличие xTwin от Time Machine — бэкап файлов можно производить не только на локальный диск, но и на онлайн стораджи (от. англ. storage — хранилище). Преимущество такой организации резервного копирования очевидны. Вы сможете использовать онлайн копии не только для восстановления файлов, но и для их копирования на другие компьютеры через сеть.

xTwin is the most flexible and reliable online backup solution for OS X, compatible with most Internet servers: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3. It even supports offline backups to external drives.

xTwin is a very powerful solution that preserves Finder info, resource forks, ACLs, Privileges and comes with an elegant user interface and a powerful assistant. It also provides numerous high-end features like AES-256 encryption, efficient bz2 compression, powerful exclusion rules and scheduler, support for splitting large files during network transfers, network-error recovery, individual digital signature for backed up files, multi-cores machines optimization and much more!

xTwin is the best backup solution for OS X users who already have access to online storage (web hosting, work servers,…), or who want to buy their own dedicated online storage (Amazon S3, Bingo Disk, Online Storage Solutions), or even users who simply want more control and advanced features than other backup products allow.


xTwin features an intuitive user interface and also includes a powerful Backup Assistant to make it even easier to create or update backups. xTwin offers a very easy-to-use restore interface: restore the entire backup at once or navigate to the file or directory you want to want to restore and you’re done. xTwin provides detailed and easy-to-read reports of every backup operation, so you can know exactly what is going on.


xTwin was built from the ground up to reliably handle very large data sets (hundreds of gigabytes and dozens of thousands of files). xTwin was also designed to be robust and reliable in case of network errors or even interrupted backups. All backed up files are grouped in segments of a maximum size (25 Mb typically) or split if necessary, to ensure faster network transfers, smaller backup update times and increased reliability. xTwin fully preserves file metadаta: creation and modification dates, Finder info (e.g. label or Spotlight comments), UNIX permissions, ACLs, extended attributes…

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