Slicy 1.1.4

Slicy 1.1.4

Layer Cake (Slicy) - облегчит жизнь любому дизайнеру который работает с Adobe Photoshop. С помощью этой маленькой программки вы сможете сохранять картинки PNG и JPG с PSD файла даже за запуская Photoshop. Все что нужно это перетянуть PSD файл на форму, а программа уже сохранит вам готовые картинки.

Что нового в версии 1.1.4:
  • Photoshop integration! One small icon for your menu bar, a giant leap for your productivity… Open the active PSD in a snap.
    • Unfortunately, not available when downloading Slicy from the App Store.

  • Houston, we have Preferences.
    • You can now disable [email protected] (automatically adding missing 1x versions by scaling down 2x images)
    • JPEG compression settings, applied to all JPEG exports

  • Added View > Clear Recents. Also added contextual menus to show a PSD in the Finder or remove it from the Recents. Yay!
  • Added support for Color Balance, Invert, Posterize, Threshold and Vibrance adjustment layers
  • Improved the window opening behavior to be less window-opening-happy.
  • Improved detection of Retina assets with device identifiers in their name
  • Improved rendering accuracy (pattern overlays, bevel and emboss, much more) and export detection
  • Fixed a "red pixel line" bug that could occur on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Updated the letters S and Y in the logotype. We had to rush the previous one, so forgive us…

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