OneDock 1.0.6


Специальное приложение, позволяющее создавать дополнительный Dock т.е. Вы получаете быстрый доступ к Ваших приложениям. Удобная программа и простая в использовании.

OneDock 1.0.6

As a wonderful companion to the Apple Dock, OneDock gives you the ability to create different docks for different categories. With its unique "spinning wheel dock" design, OneDock takes up very little screen real-estate and also smartly stays out of the way when not being used.
Add different docks to hold different types of applications, files or folders. OneDock gives you the power to quickly access your most used items while staying organized -- all without having to repetitively navigate the filesystem via Finder.
OneDock even supports text clippings. Select some text from a document, drag them to the dock and OneDock will create an item named "Clippings". It's perfect for moments when you need to save specific text within a document for later use.

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