MCG 3.1

MCG 3.1

Парсер и визуализатор лог-файлов Callgrind.

MCG lets you analyse your application profile data natively on your Mac. With call tracing and function summaries, you'll easily be able to detect and correct any parts of your application that are taking longer than they should. Just pass MCG your callgrind file and let it do the work for you. MCG requires callgrind data for your application, which can be generated in many languages such as PHP, Ruby and Python, or can be baked in for compiled languages.

  • Parses most callgrind files with syntax colouring for PHP Xdebug, Ruby and Python
  • Outline call tree view for PHP Xdebug
  • Various graphs including call depth, class methods call count and cost, and function type
  • Click navigable to follow calls and graph points
  • Text search filter
  • Generic cost support, including Seconds, Milliseconds and Microseconds for time costs, and MB/KB/b for memory
  • Fast opening and parsing
  • Completely written from scratch, not a refactor of MacCallGrind 2.0.5

Разработчик: Aggmedia
Системные требования: OSX 10.7+
Язык интерфейса: только английский

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