Drive Genius 4.0 - утилита для обслуживания жестких дисков

Drive Genius 4

Drive Genius - представляет собой комплект утилит для полноценной работы с жёсткими дисками, объединённых одной оболочкой. По утверждению разработчиков, их набор утилит используют даже сотрудники Apple в Genius Bar. На первых шагах, при работе с приложением, удивляет необычность интерфейса, но к этому быстро привыкаешь.

В состав комплекса входит:
  • Defrag - дефрагментация (по утверждению Apple - системе не требуется)
  • Scan - поиск и устранение сбойных секторов
  • Integrity Check - утилита для проверки общей целостности диска
  • Repartition - редактор разделов диска
  • Duplicate - клонирование диска или создание его образа, с возможностью проверки данных
  • Shred - гарантированное удаление диска, файлов или папок
  • Benchtest - тест скорости чтения/записи
  • Sector Edit - низкоуровневый редактор содержимого диса (инструмент для сервис-центров)

  • Now requires OS X 10.8.3 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor
  • Enhanced and simplified interface that allows for running utilities on multiple drives simultaneously, and queuing multiple utility runs on a single drive.
  • Full support for Fusion and FileVault 2 drives.
  • Full support for Retina displays.
  • Using BootWell technology, Drive Genius can create small recovery drives from your existing OS X startup drive. Recovery drives can be used as emergency startup drives and are needed to perform certain operations on the main startup drive.
  • Clone can copy the startup drive (any in-use drive in fact) without the need to restart, and can copy from a larger drive to a smaller drive.
  • New Instant DrivePulse utility that runs DrivePulse tests for the most common set of drive problems and presents a pass/fail status.
  • New Icon Genius utility to set a custom icon for drives and folders from any of several hundred custom-designed icons.
  • New Active Files utility to show the files/folders on a drive that are in use by applications.
  • Enhanced RAID support, including support for SoftRAID.
  • Faster detection of hardware issues in Physical Check and Clone.
  • DrivePulse uses a new heuristic engine based on history error sampling to notify you of drives that may need replacement before they actually stop working.
  • DrivePulse monitors the system for changes to items that automatically open during login and notifies you when a change occurs. This is a common avenue for malware to insert itself into the system.
  • In conjunction with login item monitoring, DrivePulse monitors the System malware database for updates.
  • DrivePulse monitors drives for low free space and notifies you when free space is running low.
  • DrivePulse prevents drives from sleeping while your computer is in use. This prevents applications from hanging while waiting for a sleeping disk to wake. When you leave your computer, drives are allowed to sleep normally.
  • DrivePulse events can be copied from the viewer to the system clipboard for importing into another application.
  • Enhanced for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Drive Genius and DrivePulse integrate with Notification Center in OS X 10.8 and later.
  • Drive Genius and DrivePulse ignore the following media: read-only disk images from local storage, all disk images from network storage, optical media, RAM disks, and iPods.
  • Verify Preferences now ignores specific files that are known to not contain preference data; even though they claim to be preference files.

Drive Genius 4.0 -  утилита для обслуживания жестких дисков

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