Bookends 13.2

Bookends 13.2

Bookends - мощное приложение, которое представляет собой полнофункциональную и экономически выгодную, библиографическую, справочно-информационную систему для студентов и профессионалов. Доступ к данным приложения можно получить из программ: Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, MS Word (включая MS Word 2011), а так же Apple Pages и OpenOffice.

Bookends позволяет сканировать существующие файлы и автоматически генерировать готовые рукописи в нужном библиографическом формате. Приложение позволяет обмениваться ссылками через Интернет с кем угодно и на любой платформе. 

Грамотно организован поиск и импорт ссылок из следующих источников:
  • EndNote
  • PubMed
  • Web of Science
  • Google Scholar
  • Amazon
  • Library of Congress
  • arXiv
  • и сотни других источников в Интернете.
Поддерживает синхронизацию библиотеки с Bookends On Tap на вашем iPad, iPhone, или iPod touch

Что нового:

Version 13.0.0:
  • Bookends is a 64-bit application
  • Bookends requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later
  • The longstanding problem of improper rendering of large PDFs has been resolved
  • Updated database engine
  • Import references and PDFs with annotations from Papers 3
  • PDF quick links
  • Double-clicking on a reference opens the lower PDF display pane and, if the reference has a PDF, creates a quick link
  • Bookends remembers PDF scroll positions
  • Toggle continuous PDF highlighting
  • Fresh PDF annotations are saved before opening the PDF in another application
  • PDF underline annotations can be selected with a click and removed with the Delete key
  • Work with PDFs in full screen mode
  • Double-click on the PDF proxy icon in the PDF viewer to open it in your default PDF reader
  • Bookends will use the starting page entered for the reference to calculate the correct page for a notecard
  • Get PDF from Internet is improved
  • Automated downloading of PDFs works with BioMed Central (BMC)-series, Sage, and Elsevier ScienceDirect journals
  • Improved format catalogs
  • Much improved automated PubMed search
  • New AppleEvent for creating a new group and (optionally) populating it with references
  • New AppleEvent for getting the name and paths of attachments
  • Ad hoc suppression of number styles in citations
  • You can scan Pages documents stored in iCloud
  • ASCII-only characters in attachment names generated by Bookends
  • Add tags to metatags while viewing the tag cloud
  • When scanning, Bookends will recognize BibTeX citations in the form footcite{key}
  • Improved removal of accents and non-ASCII characters from BibTeX keys Bookends generates
  • Smarter Global Change -> Change Field
  • Faster transfer of PDFs from Bookends for iOS to Bookends for macOS via wi-fi
  • Automatically attach PDFs to matching references when attaching more than one PDF
  • Improved Links Inspector
  • You can set a reference's color label and attachment names via the SFLD AppleEvent
  • Output of references as unstyled text via an AppleScript (the GUID AppleEvent) is faster
  • When autofilling from CrossRef, the full journal title will be imported if available
  • Importing from the watch folder will autofill metadata if a JSTOR stable URL is found in the PDF
  • Double clicking on a reference in the library window will open the edit pane or the standalone reference editing window
  • Use Live Search to search by Unique ID
  • More informative window titles for standalone reference editing windows
  • Bookends sets the default import option to PubMed when you import a .nbib file
  • Selected rows in lists are more readable when the list does not have the focus
  • Help -> Read Me had been changed to Help -> Release Notes
  • The Society Bib Lit glossary has been updated to the SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed (2014)
  • Bug fixes

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: Bookends 13.2
  • Разработчик: Sonny Software
  • Системные требования: OS X 10.9 или более поздняя версия, 64-разрядный процессор
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Размер: 50.01 MB
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