SkyORB 3D 4.0.9

SkyORB 3D 4.0.9

SkyORB – это 3D обсерватория в которой есть 3D карта звездного неба, 3D карта Солнечной системы, местоположение комет и спутников, фазы Луны, время восхода и заката Солнца, карту дня и ночи по всему Миру и многое другое в том числе компас и погодный информер. Программа определяет ваше местоположение и относительно вас показывает текущее звездное небо даже если во время дня вы его не видите.

Key features:
  • Allows you to fine tune your observation location from the database of by entering longitude and latitude or automatically with Location Services,
  • Allows to go back and forth in time with precision using PLAN404 series (accurate from 3000 B.C. to 3000 A.D)
  • Information like sunset and sunrise are computed as well as moonrise and moonset and full / new moon dates and automatically generated calendar of upcoming astronomy events.
  • 3D planetarium with planets and satellites and 3 different views with 3D objects with different level of details using photo realistic textures and visuals.
  • 3D animation of the solar system in real-time or fast forward, with actual facts for each planets.
  • 3D sky map with real-time precession with planets, stars, constellations, deep objects, comets and satellites,
  • Comets and satellites trajectories which can be updated among 6 differents databases including IAU Minor Planet Center.
  • Displays the world map sun clock with rise and set.
  • Multi-touch trackpad (on some devices) with pinching-to-zoom gesture is supported for zoom-in and out.
  • Full screen mode and windowed (re-sizable) is also supported as well as a ‘night vision’ mode.
  • Universal search engine.
  • Weather retrieval base from location.

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